DIY Gel Manicure Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Preparation to your DIY GEL

  1. Prepare all materials that you’ll need: gels, file, buffer, acetone and cotton, LED lamp, wood stick, base coat and top coat
  2. Start with moving cuticle away to clean up your nail
  3. File your nails to the desired shape
  4. Use Buffer on your nails to brush them a little so the surface becomes a little scratchy – this will help gel to attach to your nail

Step 2: Applying GEL Polish

  1. Apply base coat and cure for 2 minutes under the lamp. Make sure you cure each side of the nails as with the small lamp the light doesn’t get to the edges. Turn one side up to the LED lamp for 1 minute and then another side.
  2. Apply first layer of gel, make sure you remove all gel around the nail
  3. Cure it for two minutes under your LED lamp – one minute each side. With the small lamp you may need to cure your big finger separately.
  4. Apply the second layer of gel and cure it for four minutes this time, make sure you turn each side up to the LED light for 2 minutes.
  5. Apply top coat and cure it for for minutes
  6. Remove sticky layer with acetone
  7. Done!

Step 3: Remove Gel Nail Polish

A week or two after your manicure, you’ll want to get rid of this gel and here’re few steps how. You may read another article here.

  1. Use manicure file to file top surface of the gel. More you file off easier it’s going to be to take it off
  2. Take gel removal wraps or aluminum foil with acetone and wrap your fingers for 10-15 minutes. Make sure that the material with acetone is firmly touching your nails
  3. Check after 10 minutes and if needed, leave longer
  4. Remove remaining gel with wood stick. We recommend to use wood stick (not metallic) in order not to damage your nails.
  5. Use buffer to file remaining pieces off and make your nail surface look clean
  6. Done!

Here’s a DIY GEL Video that we really like:

Nail the Nail ProDIY Gel Manicure Step by Step Tutorial
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