Surprise items in your DIY Gel Nails Kit

In addition to two gel colors every month that come with your monthly gel nail kit subscription, we’d like you to experiment.Starting your second subscription month we’ll be including different exciting items so you can experiment with different styles! Here’re just a few examples of what’s coming.


  • Nail stamps and stickers

  • Gel Drawing pens

  • Cat-eye gel

  • Gel that changes color based on the temperature

  • Nail hardeners

  • Cuticle care


  • Cat-eye Gel
  • Gel Drawing Pen
  • Nail Hardeners
  • Nail Stamps
  • Temperature-dependent Gel

More included products

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Kit: File, Buffer, Brushes, 2 colors of gel and gel removal wraps

LED Lamp

LED Lamp

LED Lamp comes with your first month as well as a free replacement when broken. LED Lamp is need to dry your gel and should be used on every gel layer.