Included in your subscription...

LED Lamp

LED lamp is needed to cure your gel and will arrive with the first subscription if you opt-in for it.

Manicure Kit

Will arrive monthly. 2 hand-picked gel colors every month, disposable manicure kit that includes nail file, buffer and stick, gel removal wraps and surprising art ideas.

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LED Lamp

LED Lamp

LED Lamp comes with your first month as well as a free replacement when broken. LED Lamp is need to dry your gel and should be used on every gel layer.

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Kit: File, Buffer, Brushes, 2 colors of gel and gel removal wraps

Our Materials

Included in your monthly DIY Gel Nail Kit subscription

LED Lamp

LED Lamp

9W LED lamp is included in your suprcription and will be sent with the first package.

Free Replacement

If it gets broken, we’ll replace it for you with your next subscription for free.

DIY Gel Nails Kit UV Led lamp

High-Quality Gel

DIY Gel Nails Kit

Nontoxic Materials, Environmental

Safe and free for harmful materials

Easy to remove

With the gel removal

Works with UV & LED Lamps

Can be cured by both UV and LED Lamp

Variety of colors

Over 140 colors! All of them you’ll try during your subscription to Nail the Nail. Be different and creative.

Nail Painting & Art Brushes

Set of three nail art brushes for design & drawing

A few brushes to fit any art fantasy

Different size

Different Sizes for detailed painting & drawing

DIY Gel Nails Kit

Disposable Manicure Set

DIY Gel Nails Kit Manicure set

Nail File

To shape your nails

Nail Buffer

To use on your nail surface before applying the base coat, so the base coat is well attached to your nail.

Manicure Stick

Will help your to move cuticle and remove the gel after applying gel removal wraps

Base & Top Coat

Base Coat

Base coat will protect your nail and help gel to hold better. Delivered every 4th month.

Top Coat

Makes your gel shiny and stay longer

DIY Gel Nails Kit Manicure set

Gel Removal Wraps

DIY Gel removal wraps

Gel Removal wraps

Easy gel removal with gel removal wraps. Will be delivered monthly.

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