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November 2017 Gel Nail Box

While we all enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, we’ve got a new amazing nail package for you!

In your second subscription box, you received an electric nail tool that is especially useful to remove the cuticle and with a little practice you can achieve much better results than you get in the nail salon.

With the winter approaching so fast we wanted to make this package different and focus on another area – your feet! Feet skin is the hardest one to take care of as we use our feet a lot. Spa pedicures are expensive and don’t always do the trick – very often the skin on our feet is not treated that well.

This package in addition to the regular set of gels and manicure kit will have three special items: feet peel socks, pumi bar and nail dotting tool.

Feet Peel Socks & Pumi Bar

Feel Peel socks will help your feet to remove the dead skin and will make your feet feel like a baby.

Important: Feet will peel, a lot! So before you do this, be prepared to see a lot of dead skin peeling off for a week or so. Do not use if you have wounds.

diy gel nail kit pumi bar

How to use:

– Prepare regular socks that you can wear on top of the feet peel sock
– Wash your feed and if you have time soak off in a hot water for a few minutes to enhance the essence’s absorption, then dry
– Open the socks and tear off the top so you can wear it as a sock, put it on
– Put on regular socks
– Wear it for about 1-2 hours, if your skin is really sensitive, you can wear them for 30 min. You may experience tingling or warming sensation, this indicates that it’s working. Remove the mask if you experience uncomfortable burning sensation.
-Remove the mask, rinse your feet. If you’re ready for a pedicure, it’s an excellent moment to use electric tool to remove cuticles from your feet nails.

Couple things you can do after removing the socks

  1. Use Pumi Bar to file of the dead skin that is ready to be removed

diy gel nail kit pumi bar

2. If you’re ready for a pedicure, it’s an excellent moment to use electric tool to remove cuticles from your feet nails.


Nail Dotting Tools

In your third package, you’ll receive two nail dotting pens with different diameters. You can use them to create your own unique designs!

gel nail kit nail dottinggel nail kit nail dottinggel nail kit nail dotting

Here’re a few ideas that we loved :):




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Nail the Nail ProNovember 2017 Gel Nail Box

DIY Gel Nail Kit Box #2

DIY Gel Nail Kit Box #2

Here's what's arriving in your second box...

Hello, hello. Fall is here and your new DIY Gel Kit is on its way!

In the second box you’ll receive a few exciting items that will help you to perfect your manicure at home.

As before, you’ll receive these few standard items:

Two new gel colors

Try them and let us know what you think! One is bright, one is not, but you’ll probably like them both. You can also mix and match them to get your own unique color.

Gel Painting Brushes

A new set of fresh brushers to color your nails.

Disposable Manicure kit

Prepare your nails for your gel manicure.

Gel Removal Wraps

Gel Removal wraps will help to get your gel polish off. We recommend to wear them for 15 minutes and here’s the video how to use them:

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a part of September Gel Nail Box and will help you to keep your cuticles moisturized. Apply it after your manicure is complete and massage. You can use it every day or only after manicure/pedicure. Do not apply it before manicure as it will not allow your gel to attach to your nails.

gel nail kit cuticle oil

Professional Electric Manicure Tool

First of all, this is a professional salon tool. It’s electric and strong, so be very careful and make sure you read how to use it.

Here’s a video the shows it visually, but we’ll describe every piece one by one:

Gel Nail Kit Manicure Tool

Your package will have two batteries included, insert them in. This professional tool has several modes:

Diamond cone

The diamond cone is used to remove dead skin and calluses. Be really careful with this one as it’s pretty sharp but very effective. See how it’s used here:

Emery head

Emery head will help you to shape your nails.

Grinding Cones

There are two grinding cones included: small and big. The small one will get to the sides where the big one can’t.

The small one will get to the corners and cuticles, where the big one can’t. Both are used to smooth the surface of the nail.

Soft Cone

Soft cone will polish your nails and will make them shine. We recommend to use it in between your manicures, but don’t use it before applying the gel because the surface would be too polished for the gel to stick.

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Nail the Nail ProDIY Gel Nail Kit Box #2

How much do gel nails usually cost?

Gel nails are the wonders that all the girls are thankful for. These are the pretty extensions that every girl dreams of. Doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student or a career woman, neat and tidy hands with attractive nails are what instantly makes you more charismatic.

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Nail the Nail ProHow much do gel nails usually cost?

How to take off gel nail polish

If you’re a girl you definitely go through the constant struggle of keeping up with the fashion. Everything starting from your nails to your hair should be on point in order to look perfect. The nails play a very important role in helping you to achieve that perfect look. Who doesn’t like neat clean and tidy hands with beautiful well-trimmed and well-shaped nails? The latest milestone in the world of the nails is the arrival of the gel nails. They are extremely stylish and will transfer your look from zero to hundred really quick.

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Nail the Nail ProHow to take off gel nail polish

Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails Pros and Cons

The battle to have the prettiest nails continues. Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails. There are so many options to choose from. Fake nails are the perfect solution for people who struggle with chipped corners and soft nails which won’t grow.

It depends on the personal choice of the person whether she’ll choose gel or acrylic. Both are fake nail plastics. The method of applying them and having them on is different from each other but that doesn’t render either of them better or worse. The thing is that the person who is about to use them should have the information about the gel nails vs acrylic nails and then she can make an informed choice. The nail technicians can help you along the process.

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Nail the Nail ProGel nails vs. Acrylic nails Pros and Cons
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