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November 2017 Gel Nail Box

While we all enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, we’ve got a new amazing nail package for you! In your second subscription box, you received an electric nail tool that is especially useful to remove the cuticle and with a little practice you can achieve much better results than you get in the nail salon. With

DIY Gel Nail Kit Box #2

DIY Gel Nail Kit Box #2Here's what's arriving in your second box...Hello, hello. Fall is here and your new DIY Gel Kit is on its way! In the second box you'll receive a few exciting items that will help you to perfect your manicure at home. As before, you'll receive these few standard items: Two

How much do gel nails usually cost?

Gel nails are the wonders that all the girls are thankful for. These are the pretty extensions that every girl dreams of. Doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student or a career woman, neat and tidy hands with attractive nails are what instantly makes you more charismatic.

How to take off gel nail polish

If you’re a girl you definitely go through the constant struggle of keeping up with the fashion. Everything starting from your nails to your hair should be on point in order to look perfect. The nails play a very important role in helping you to achieve that perfect look. Who doesn’t like neat clean and

Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails Pros and Cons

The battle to have the prettiest nails continues. Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails. There are so many options to choose from. Fake nails are the perfect solution for people who struggle with chipped corners and soft nails which won’t grow. It depends on the personal choice of the person whether she’ll choose gel or acrylic.

Why does my nail polish crack?

Seeing nail polish crack right after the manicure is upsetting. Here’s why it happens: You soaked your hands right before or after manicure. Nail absorbs water better than skin Oil – sometimes cuticle oil doesn’t let polish adjust firmly enough and makes nail polish crack. Buffering before applying nail polish will help Thick/skipped coats and

Why & Where to buy gel nail polish?

Why to buy gel nail polish? Hand, toe and nail products are readily available and available to buy in store or online, but not all are of high quality. Whether you are professional ordering products for a salon, or just searching for that perfect Gel nail polish, it helps to know where to find the

How do your nails grow?

Nails start in the nail root, under the cuticle. When cells at the root of the nail grow, the new nail cells push out the old nail cells. These old cells flatten and harden, due to keratin, which is a protein made by these cells. The newly formed nail then slides along the flat surface under your nails.