Is an average spending of a woman who gets manis and pedis every two weeks

Nail the Nail is a New York City based startup founded with a mission to empower women like you to be unique and not overpay for it. 
We bring your nail salon to your home.


Nail salon treatments are amazing if you found a great nail professional, but unfortunately very expensive and time-consuming for the average woman to enjoy two times a month. We’d like to help you to bring your beauty salon home. It’s our hope that every woman can feel like her most beautiful self, every single day.

How are we different from other manicure kits sold online?

Remember when you go to the pharmacy and spend $10 on the polish that you use couple time and then keep in the closet until its full death? Or you just keep using it over an over? All online manicure sets are the same – you get a few colors that get you bored and you either stop using them or use just them.

With Nail the Nail we send tiny bottles just enough for your monthly mani-pedi, different every month. In addition we send the staff for you to experiment: matte top coat, decorations, temperature-dependent colors, starry gels, nail care products. We help you to be different and unique every day.

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