DIY Gel Nail Kit Delivered Monthly

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Monthly Gel Nail Kit


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$12.95/month + $7 one-time

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Why subscribe to Nail the Nail DIY gel kit monthly box?

Save over 80% on your monthly gel manicure & pedicure.

2 Gel Manicures and Gel Pedicure cost $108 on average ($29+$29+$40). With Nail the Nail kit you’ll save over 80% a month and will have your mani & pedi fresh and beautiful.

Use & Throw away

You’ll get small bottles of gel just enough for couple manicures and pedicures. No need to keep this stock of no needed bottles anymore.


We’ll send you different colors, decorations and tips how to use them. Glossy, Matte, Starry or flowers – your nails will always be different and beautiful.

What's included in DIY Gel Kit monthly box?

LED Lamp

LED Lamp

LED Lamp comes with your first month as well as a free replacement when broken. LED Lamp is need to dry your gel and should be used on every gel layer.

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Kit: File, Buffer, Brushes, 2 colors of gel and gel removal wraps

LED Lamp & Manicure Tool (+ $13 one-time)

You can order LED Lamp & Electric Manicure tool with your first subscription.

Gel Nail Monthly Box

  • 2 small 5ml bottles of gel – different colors, just enough for 2 manicures and a pedicure
  • Disposable Manicure kit: file, manicure stick, buffer, easy Gel Removal Pads
  • The first month: Gel Painting Brushes, Base & Top Coat
  • Starting the second month: surprising art items
Nail the Nail ProDIY Gel Nail Monthly Kit